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Hey everyone! I know I said I'd try to post more but I fail and yeah that really didn't happen like I wanted to. I've been busy with school and work and stuff and haven't...

-I've been meaning to post about my epic trip to Worlds of Fun (local theme park) that a bunch of us went to for mayurasan's B-day. It was awesome as it's been about two years since I've been there and I did something I never thought I'd ever do. Sarah wanted to ride the RipCord, which I use to think looks scary, but in recent years I've been more into thrill rides period and I've been doing anything I can practically in terms of amusement rides or things of that nature. So I decied to do it. It cost extra but aslaksdjasd was it worth it. According to WoF's website: The RipCord is a Skycoaster attraction that features a 180-foot tethered free-fall. Guests wear a full body harness that supports the flyer in a prone position. The scale of flight is so dramatic that flyers accelerate to 60 - 80 miles per hour and achieve the sensation of hang gliding. I just loved it. I made Sarah pull the cord though because I was too big of a chicken XD; HOWEVER, we did scream "PASTA" at the top of our lungs when we fell. Well and "I go get some coffee for you" and the tomato song. But I made sure to make the first big fall PASTA. I think the whole park heard us. It was awesome like woah and I still have mayurasan to thank for that. ♥

-Right after that I got a terrible sinus infection. >< Part of the reason I never got around to posting...it just totally killed me.

-Then right when I was feeling better and such, school started! My computer class kind of sucks. It's supremely basic and the teacher made our homework due on Wednesdays and Saturday nights. This sucks a lot, as Saturdays are usually the only day I have free usually :/. Econ isn't too bad. I actually feel like I am learning something for once and I can actually understand how it applies to real life. I hope things are okay. @___@;

-I also had my birthday (same day school started lol) And it was fine. My family kind of failed (except for my brother David) and didn't really seem to care much. However I have a lot of awesome friends on LJ and Facebook who wished me well. And of course to pilipa for the France Euro Vision mug and Risk,mayurasan for the awesome card and gift card, andreconquista for the Korea charm. Also whethervain for being adorable and awesome. Most important for abarero and haro for the fic and fan art commission...but mostly just being there and caring. I seriously can't ask for more from you two. ♥

-I want to write but my writing muse has been very very dead. I still want to finish that icon fic meme, and I also want to work on my fluffathon fic...and maybe work on some of my other older stuff. I can't really promise anything from being so busy with school and such, but I hope I can get some stuff done. ^^;

THERE THAT'S IT....I think...


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Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)
The ripcord was amazing <3 Thanks for riding it with me!
Jun. 23rd, 2010 07:15 am (UTC)
It was. *__* You are more than welcome. ♥
Jun. 23rd, 2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
That's alright, it's good to hear you're doing fine :)

You screamed PASTA, seriously? xD So dorkish xD

At least you got lots of greetings and gifts :) So yeah, it seems like a nice birthday to me ^^ (except for the school part, LOL xD)

I guess your muses should be better once you start getting more free time? o.o
Jun. 24th, 2010 05:00 am (UTC)
Thanks ^^

Yes we did XD. I love shouting things from rides, and I wanted to make it epic since it was so big. It worked really well. XD

I sure do hope so...we shall see how things go. I might get a few things done between homework. *crosses fingers*
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