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I randomly found some amazing videos of Eric Saade on youtube last night. I am so excited that he made it into Eurovision this year, and I love Popular so much. It like...the most listen to thing on my IPod already. But he is super adorable and hilarious too actually. According to his facebook group (yes I totally joined) the Popular MV should be out tomorrow. I'M SO EXCITED.

This was from last year after Man Boy. I don't know exactly what's being said (it's in Swedish) but someone in the comments gave a summary. "Well in the beginning of the video the narrator says "400 swedes today are suffering from a hidden handicap, head wetting. Eric Saade is one of them." Basically he "suffers" from head wetting (you know like bed wetting) and water keeps falling on him. About the performance he said that he almost managed to perform the whole song without having any head wetting problems but then it came at the end. But when he heard that the audience was cheering he went along with it." I think it's from a Swedish comedy show called Gabba Gabba? Either way it's awesome.


I don't know what's going on in this video at all, but I noticed that they did this with a few other Melodifestivalen contestants. But apparently Eric Saade has the power to defeat strong scary looking men with just his voice. ♥ I APPROVE OF THIS.

And finally....

This is the official video of an acoutistic version of Man Boy. I actually love this version of the song and want to find it some where if I can. Also it's adorable.

In summary. Eric Saade is awesome. His songs will now be stuck in your head for the rest of all time. ♥


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